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#followjourn: @willfindlater – Will Findlater/editor

#followjourn: @willfindlater

Who? Will Findlater, a self-confessed “man with an unfortunate name” and editor of Stuff Magazine.

Where? Will has his own blog on the Stuff site.

Contact? @willfindlater

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Telegraph.co.uk: Felix Dennis to launch The Week in Australia, India and Canada

Felix Dennis, the man behind Dennis Publishing and magazines Stuff and The Week, is planning to launch an Australian edition of The Week in October.

Future plans also involve editions for India and Canada.

“I don’t care if I’m investing in a so-called sunset industry. The sun is setting very, very slowly. And there are only two types of businesses: the well run and the badly run. The well run will survive a recession,” he said.