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Telegraph adds new ‘irreverent’ sports blog

Telegraph.co.uk is launching a new sports blog, which will cast an irreverent eye over the days sporting stories.

The blog will be led by Andrew Baker, sports feature writer for the site and paper, and will feature alongside 14 other sports blogs on the site.

Mail & Guardian launches latest in blog series

South African newspaper the Mail & Guardian has added a third blog to its website – Sports Leader.

The sports blog will mix opinion and insight from 30 professionals, academics and ‘armchair commentators’, a release from the paper said.

The English Premier League will be covered alongside news from the Springboks rugby team and Bafana – the country’s national football team.

“There is a need for a space where people interested in a diverse range of sports can discuss and debate their sporting passion. What the Mail & Guardian brings through its editorial policy is quality debate and critique and what Sports Leader offers even further is interaction between the fans and their heroes,” Vincent Maher, online strategist at Mail & Guardian Online, said in the release.