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Huffington Post: Gannett execs net nearly $2 million in bonuses

As Gannett’s US and UK staff at Newsquest prepare to take a week’s unpaid leave, executives at the parent company have been asked to justify bonuses of nearly $2 million in a statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the HuffPo report, CEO Craig Dubow will receive $875,000, while four other executives will pocket $300,000, $270,000, $245,000, and $260,000.

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Macworld.co.uk: SEC investigating Steve Jobs ‘unsubstantiated’ heart attack story

Questions over citizen journalism are raised, as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigates the ‘unsubstantiated report’ that Apple CEO Steve Jobs suffered a heart attack, posted by “Johntw” on CNN’s iReport site on Friday morning – the story sent shares falling until Apple denied the rumours.