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Sean Langan at the Frontline Club: “perhaps I was like Icarus flying too close to the sun’

Sean Langan, the British journalist kidnapped and held hostage by the Taliban for three months in 2008, spoke to the foreign correspondent Sam Kiley at the Frontline Club on Friday.

Langan talks about his work, the kidnap and the “film that wasn’t made: ‘Kidnapped by the Taliban.'”

  • “There’s an element to it (…) perhaps I was like Icarus flying too close to the sun.”
  • “It goes well – you’re at the top of the pile; it goes wrong – you’re seen as irresponsible.”
  • “I don’t regret doing anything I’ve done. I would do it again. I might not do undercover with terrorists again, too often.”

PA : Dispatches reporter Sean Langan released by Taliban

Sean Langan, a freelance journalist kidnapped by the Taliban three months ago, has been freed.

Langan, who was working on a Channel 4 Dispatches programme, was taken on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He was released on Saturday night.