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Record donations received for journalists killed in Georgia

An appeal launched by Editorial Photographers UK (EPUK) has raised £1,330 for the families of two journalists killed during the recent conflict in Georgia.

The families of photographer and news agency head Sasha Klimchuk and journalist Giga Chikhladze received an equal share of the money after it was wired to them in Tiblisi, Georgia, last week.

A statement on the EPUK website read:

“The families were dependent on incomes from Sasha’s photography and from Giga’s journalism. The generosity of EPUK members means the families can begin to rebuild their lives after the tragedy.”

Friends Sasha and Giga vowed to support each other’s families should something happen to one of them in the war-torn environment. They were both shot and killed by gunmen in Tskhinvali, the South Ossetian capital, on August 9 2008

Giga’s widow thanked the EPUK not only for the donations, but also for the many messages of support, the statement said.