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The hyperlink: a love letter

Scott Rosenberg, co-founder of Salon.com and a writer and editor, makes his contribution to a series on links and linking with a love letter to the humble hyperlink:

Links, you see, do so much more than just whisk us from one webpage to another. They are not just textual tunnel-hops or narrative chutes-and-ladders. Links, properly used, don’t just pile one “And now this!” upon another. They tell us, “This relates to this, which relates to that.”

Links announce our presence. They show a writer’s work. They are badges of honesty, inviting readers to check that work. They demonstrate fairness. They can be simple gestures of communication; they can be complex signifiers of meaning. They make connections between things. They add coherence. They build context.

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Salon.com opens doors to readers, asks for tips

Entertainment and news website Salon.com is attempting to tap into its audience with a blogging and social networking platform.

Readers can sign up for free to Open Salon, which is currently in beta, and set up a profile page and blog on the site. Connections with other contributors can then be made.

Editors will create a ‘cover’ or homepage from the submissions, but will feature the most popular stories, as rated by readers, alongside their own selections.

“Open Salon gets rid of traditional gatekeepers, and makes our smart, creative audience full partners in Salon’s publishing future,” said Joan Walsh, Salon.com’s editor-in-chief, in an introduction to the site.

The new initiative also has a tipping system in place for readers to reward their favourite writers.

The Tippem scheme lets registered members give and receive money from $0.10 to $1,000.