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Star News Online: Why news organisations should link to the competition

It’s fair to say that Journalism.co.uk likes a link and linking to good content from other news sites on our patch is all part of the process.

For many newsrooms it’s a cultural (and sometimes technological/CMS) shift – those introducing a linking out policy could do worse than read StarNews’ executive editor Robyn Tomlin’s thoughts on why her title links to other regional print and broadcast websites:

“I firmly believe that we are much better served by linking out to other voices, sources and even competing news organizations than we are ignoring them and hoping they’ll go away. In the end, we all share a goal of informing and educating our community,” she writes.

“While the web has opened up so many valuable sources of information for our journalists, it’s a shame if we ignore our competitors when we are curating the information that we think is relevant and valuable to people in our community.”

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