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#FollowJourn: @markcrail/managing editor

#FollowJourn: Mark Crail

Who? Managing editor for XpertHR

What? Editor, writer, researcher on HR, pay and employment for B2B title

Where? @markcrail

Contact? mark.crail [at] rbi.co.uk

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Citizen journalist videos through op-ed pages of NYTimes.com

Later this week videos created by citizen journalists that look at issues surrounding the upcoming presidential primaries, in the US, will be available alongside professional work through the op-ed pages of NYTimes.com, according to Beet.tv.

Talking to Beet, Cynthina Farrar, producer with Purplestates.tv (and Yale researcher scholar), explained how non-professional reporters working with her new company put together nearly a dozen pieces for the Times.

(Video of her interview in the news section.)

Purplestates.tv is also running the videos through Facebook and will build applications for its videos to run through Open Social, Farrar added.