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Regret the Error editor starts business column

Craig Silverman, editor of Regret the Error, a website which reports on inaccuracies and corrections in the press, has started a fortnightly column for the Reynolds Center for Business Journalism.

Silverman, who already writes a weekly column for the Columbia Journalism Review, told Journalism.co.uk he would be seeking advice from business journalists and editors to inform parts of the ‘Regret the Business Error’ column.

I’m hoping that the column will be a place where business journalists can turn to receive actionable advice for avoiding basic factual errors, and where they can learn about avoiding some of the common mistakes made in business reporting. So it will be a mix of general tips and very specific guidance that works best for business journalists.

In order to do that, I’m going to track down business editors and reporters and do my best to pump them for information and advice.

Anyone who has a tip or piece of advice they would like to share can contact Craig by email – craig [at] craigsilverman.ca

Don’t Regret The Error: a journalist’s checklist

To promote his new book, Regret The Error’s Craig Silverman has come up with a handy checklist all reporters should use when research/writing/publishing a story.

The free-to-download list ranges from the very standard (checking the spelling of people/place names etc) to more web-focused checkpoints (check URLs are working, save links from research).

“Checklists help reporters and editors increase their level of accuracy (…) Seriously, it’s one of the easiest things a journalist can do to prevent factual errors,” adds Silverman.