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BBC: Nurse accused of saline contamination in PR bid to clear name after release

The BBC reports today that Rebecca Leighton, the nurse who was arrested in relation to the alleged contamination of saline at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, has asked publicist Max Clifford to help repair her reputation after she was released last week with the charges against her dropped.

Clifford told the BBC she felt she had been “poisoned by sections of the media” and wanted help to clear her name.

She has been very badly criticised and written about by the media so I suppose it’s natural that you would go to someone who understands the media to get that put right.

All she said to me is I suppose it boils down to I’ve been poisoned by sections of the media and I hope that you can provide the antidote to get rid of all that poison because you know, mud sticks and a lot of the things that have been written have been absolutely awful.

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