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DigitalSpy: ‘BBC standards are falling’ says Peter Sissons in Mail on Sunday

Digital Spy picks up on BBC newsreader Peter Sissons’ piece about the BBC in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday, and reports that ‘he has blamed ‘political correctness’ for falling standards at the corporation.’

“The 66-year-old broadcaster, who recently announced his retirement, claimed that senior BBC figures are afraid to challenge journalists when they make mistakes.

“Writing in The Mail On Sunday, he commented: “At today’s BBC, a complaint I often heard from senior producers was that they dared not reprimand their subordinates for basic journalistic mistakes – such as getting ages, dates, titles and even football scores wrong – it being politically incorrect to risk offending them.”

Full story at this link…

Sissons’ article does not appear to be available online at the time of writing, but the Mail on Sunday’s own report can be found at this link.

Guardian Media Talk: Digital Britain, Suzanne Breen and Twitter in Iran

It’s been an exciting week for digital media: so much to follow with Digital Britain, Iran elections, Suzanne Breen, MPs’ expenses, and the unmasking of NightJack.

The Guardian’s Media Talk podcast,  presented by Stephen Brook, takes on the first four topics in a ‘special-ish’ edition.

“The panel dissect the long-awaited Digital Britain report: a blueprint for the future, or a 21st century fudge? Plus, Twitter in Iran; victory for Suzanne Breen; and a parting shot from Peter Sissons, the grumpiest newsreader of them all.”

Podcast at this link…