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Independent.co.uk: iPad may force page 3 girls to cover up

Last May we linked to paidContent UK’s report that a newspaper iPhone app was rejected because of its “obscene” page 3 content from the Sun. This year, the Independent on Sunday’s Feral Beast column speculates on the girls’ fate for the iPad app:

Bad news for News International as they start charging for online editions: The Sun’s page three girls, whose ranks once numbered Melinda Messenger could be forced to cover up for the iPad. The German tabloid Der Bild has complained of being censored by Apple from running topless girls on its iPad applications software. Apple recently removed the gallery of nude photos from the site of Stern magazine, and forced Bild to put clothes on the “Bild girl”. “Today they censor nipples, tomorrow it’s editorial content,” said a spokeswoman. Rupert will not be happy.

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paidContent:UK: Sun’s page 3 girls too ‘obscene’ for Apple newspaper app

paidContent:UK reports: “Just as newspapers were looking to attract new mobile readers, Apple has rejected the first version of Newspaper(s), an iPhone app that let users read the content of over 50 newspapers around the world, including the New York Times, France’s Le Monde, and the UK’s tabloid the Sun. Apple rejected the app on the grounds that The Sun, with its topless Page 3 Girls, was ‘obscene’.

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