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Out-law.com: German court rules that Google image search results do not infringe copyright

Out-law.com reports on a case in the German Federal Supreme Court; it ruled that Google is not infringing owners’ copyright by showing thumbnail image previews  from external websites.

An artist sued Google in Germany because thumbnail images of her pictures appeared when her name was entered into Google’s search engine. The pictures were taken from her own website.

The Court said that Google’s display of the images was not copyright infringement because the artist had not used a simple technical measure to stop Google indexing her site.

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Out-Law.com: ECJ rules that 11-word clippings can infringe copyright

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that that reproducing news clippings for sale to clients could infringe copyright, reports Out-Law.com.

“Danish clippings service Infopaq was taken to court by Danish newspaper industry body Danske Dagblades Forening (DDF) over its reproduction of 11-word snippets of news for sale to clients.”

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PhotoAttorney: UK rejects copyright law amendments as result of UGC / mash-ups

Following up on Out-Law.com’s reports, PhotoAttorney.com looks at the UK government’s decision not to revise its copyright law ‘after reviewing research results in a consultation paper (…) published by the European Commission (EC) on copyright reform’.

“In sum, the EC paper considered the possibility of creating new use exemptions to address the increased creation of ‘user-created content’ (UGC), also known as ‘mashups’, made easier by technological innovations.”

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