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Guido Fawkes: ‘This blog is more profitable than both the Guardian and Independent combined’

A link to aid (if somewhat modestly) Guido in his quest to be more read than the ‘commentariat’s mediasaurs’. He writes:

“April saw a total of over 3.6m pageviews from 1,382,879 visits by 347,994 visitors making 2,995,765 pageviews plus 680,207 views via RSS feed readers. Not bad for one guy with a laptop, Blackberry and a penchant for Guinness. With traffic averaging over 100,000 pageviews daily this blog puts traditional political publications like the New Statesman in the shade…”

He also makes a surprising claim with this statement: “Many thanks to you the readers and the advertisers who make this blog more profitable than both the Guardian and Independent combined.”

Full post at this link…

Update 1: An email has arrived from Guido. We asked him to elaborate on his profitability. He had this to say:

“They both lose money. We make money. Secret is to sell adverts.”

Update 2: Journalism.co.uk asked for a little bit more detail about how much money he makes, and how the advertising breaks down. Would he care to share that information?

“No I would not I am afraid. Will tell you this, the website costs circa £200 a month to run.”