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Mixed Media: ‘Do Indian newspapers need to worry about their future?’

India print media sales are frequently cited as an example of newspaper growth. But do newspapers have a realistic future? That’s the question group chief editor at exchange4media, Pradyuman Maheshwari is asking.

“As various stakeholders are set to congregate at the Indian Newspaper Congress 2009, organised jointly by the Indian Newspaper Society and exchange4media, it’s fitting to discuss an issue that has being debated much in the West – Does print media, newspapers specifically, have a future?”

Newspaper companies might fall behind ‘bit players’ if they’re not careful, he says.

“Regrettably – and I can say this out of my personal experience in this space – most traditional newspaper managements do not understand the demands of the online space and most print and television reporters think a byline on the web doesn’t mean much. To an extent, the journalists aren’t incorrect, as it is only when there is quality content on the web – streaming 24×7 – that the medium will grow.”

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How did the national newspaper online sites report the August ABCes?

This post has backfired a little: the original idea was to look at how the national broadsheets reported the ABCes because it’s always interesting when a publication or website has to report on itself – on its good or bad performance.

Here’s how the Guardian did it today:

That obsession [Team GB] most obviously helped the Guardian, which took advantage of the Beijing effect. That meant that guardian.co.uk remained the UK’s biggest online newspaper for August, attracting 23.11 million global unique users last month, a 46% increase from August 2007 and up 12% on July this year. The Guardian added 2.5 million unique users last month and still has the largest number of UK-based online readers: 8.77 million or 38% of its total audience.

And on the day itself like this.

And Telegraph.co.uk?

It looks like they didn’t.

Times Online?

It appears not.





Please correct us if we’re wrong.

Looks like there was only one national newspaper who gave the August stats so much online space. But you could read about the ABCes at Brand Republic, Press Gazette, NMA and here at Journalism.co.uk. Or find the data for yourself here.