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Ninety-seven per cent of ‘business decision makers’ use B2Bs online

B2B websites are used by 97 per cent of ‘business decision makers’, a new study conducted by IPSOS for the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) shows.

The results, quoted from the AOP’s release:

  • 97 per cent stated that B2B websites are the form of media most used for work
  • 60 per cent ranked business websites as an essential source of information in their work
  • 60 per cent consider business websites as providing information that they couldn’t get elsewhere

B2B websites are the first port of call when:

  • Researching/informing business decisions (56 per cent)
  • Researching/informing purchase decisions (55 per cent)
  • Gathering sector news (54 per cent)

“51 per cent choosing B2B websites as a preferred source of business information; B2B websites are also favoured over two and a half times more than TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers sources combined,” the AOP reported, in a release.

B2B sites are also shown to provide a highly effective medium for advertisers:

  • 43 per cent are more likely to respond to advertising on a business website than advertising in other media
  • 53 per cent of users are more likely to have confidence in, or do business with, a company, if it advertises on a business site they know
  • 74 per cent trust a website more if it comes from a source that they know already (eg. business publication or industry body)

“82 per cent of all business decision makers use at least one B2B digital delivery mechanism for work, rising to 91 per cent among regular B2B websites users.

“Email alerts/newsletters are the most popular (51 per cent) followed by platforms which provide feedback: peer reviews, blogs and forums; but other systems such as RSS feeds, online seminars, podcast, vodcast and video streaming are gaining momentum.

“A core minority of respondents are currently using five or more of these delivery mechanisms; and overall 39 per cent, of those surveyed, expect to increase their use of digital delivery mechanisms in the next 12 months.”

Of those using five or more digital delivery mechanisms (70 per cent) found that B2B websites offer more engaging content and advertising than other business information sources and considered them to:

  • Offer instant access to information (79 per cent)
  • Save time (77 per cent)
  • Offer innovative ways to access information (74 per cent)
  • Allow business decision makers to interact with peers more efficiently (69 per cent)

“This is an important snapshot of the business community and their use of B2B websites, and further supports the insights gathered in the AOP Census 2008 which showed that our members are increasing their investment in content delivery methods including IPTV, mobile, vodcast, podcast and RSS feeds,” Liz Somerville, the acting director of AOP said, in the release from the AOP.