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IFJ launches Olympics website to help journalists

The International Federation of Journalists has teamed up with the non-profit Play the Game initiative to create an online resource for journalists covering the Beijing Olympics.

The Play the Game for Open Journalism site features: a list of reporters guides from industry groups such as Human Rights Watch; forums for journalists to discuss their experiences; and background information on Beijing.

The organisers will also be operating a helpline for journalists in China during the Olympics, who are facing pressure from authorities because of their work. The number for emergency assistance is + 32 475 76 13 92. To report

Media Guardian: Gramophone classical music magazine embraces the web

Historic publication Gramophone magazine is to publish all its content to the web, creating a searchable archive of issues right back to its first edition, published in 1923. A download and mail order service will follow, making the site a valuable online resource for fans of classical music.