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paidContent.org (via Washington Post): Online newspaper revenues fall 2.9 per cent at end of 2008 – drop predicted for 2009

According to a report from eMarketer, revenues from newspaper websites fell 2.9 per cent year-on-year in the last quarter of 2008 to $822 million.

Over the year, papers’ web revenues drop 0.4 per cent to $3.15 billion, the report suggests – a further fall of 4.7 per cent is expected in 2009.

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SFN: Norway’s online newspaper revenues reach 290 million euro – up 61 per cent in two years

Online newspapers in Norway generated nearly €290 million in 2007, up 61 per cent from about €180 million in 2005, according to the International Newsmedia Marketing Association (through SFN Blog).

Display and classified revenues increased 41.7 per cent. Search and listing up 112.5 per cent.