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Online Journalism Blog launches sister review site

The Online Journalism Blog has launched a sister site to review journalism startups – Journalism Enterprise.com.

The blog, which will be written by a team of reviewers, will feature simple, six question write-ups of new sites aiming to make a profit from the web as well as new non-profit online journalism projects.

In a blog post on the Online Journalism site, Paul Bradshaw explained the idea behind the new launch:

“There are so many experiments by so many people in so many fields – from journalists going it alone to large news organisations trying new projects, from amateurs who feel passionately about their field to non-profit organisations who see the potential of the web, and from internet startups to established new media players, I thought we needed a blog to keep track of it all and provide a place for debating the issues involved.”

RSS feeds for search results at The Sun

Paul Bradshaw has flagged up an interesting (and handy) feature on The Sun’s website through the Online Journalism blog, namely that the newspaper site offers users an RSS feed for stories relating to a search term.

After using the site’s search, the option to set up an RSS results feed can be found at the top of the results page.

As Paul points out, this is similar to the serviece offered by Google News, but a quick search suggests that this is not a feature on any of the other national newspaper websites in the UK.