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Our blogger on the ground at Blog08

Anne Helmond will be blogging back from Blog08 for us, with a focus on the online journalism aspects.

You’ll be able to follow Anne’s updates on this blog, or directly at this tag.

Blog08 is a one day only event/conference for all things blog, taking place in Amsterdam with the rather exciting theme of ‘Rockstars of the Web’.

Anne Helmond is a New Media lecturer at the Mediastudies department at the University of Amsterdam.

Her thesis entitled ‘Blogging for Engines. Blogs under the Influence of Software-Engine Relations’ aims to contribute to the existing research on blogs and blogging by framing it from a software-engine perspective and describing a different role of the blogger in this relationship.

She continues her research on blogs and blogging with the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam. She blogs at annehelmond.nl.

The not entirely serious video below gives a glimpse of what is in store…
Blog08 Special II from Sacha Post on Vimeo.