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Online Journalism Blog: Help map local blogs in the UK

A call to action on behalf of the Online Journalism Blog, which with the help of Matt Wardman, is attempting to build a map of locally-focused blogs in the UK.

You can submit the name of any local blogs you know of via an online form.

Matt has some interesting thoughts on the opportunities for local news blogs in this post too.

“I think group blogs with varied teams of contributors may be best placed to provide a decent level of coverage and draw a good readership, while competing effectively with other media outlets. That is a trend we have seen in the political blog niche over several years – the sites which have established themselves and maintain a position as key sites have developed progressively larger teams of editors, and provided a wider range of commentary and services,” he suggests.

New Twitter database for the media

PR Sarah Evans, Help A Reporter Out (HARO) founder Peter Shankman and online database software TrackVia are teaming up to create a vast database of ‘meeja’ people on Twitter.

MediaOnTwitter is free to users and can be filtered by beat, location, name or media outlet.

At time of writing 658 folk were included – to add yourself or others use this online form.