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Serbian journalism school introducing new online elements

The Serbian Web Journalism School will be introducing new online elements to its teaching in the early part of 2009, the school’s head, Ljubisa Bojic, has told Journalism.co.uk. The school, run by the Serbian Journalists’ Association, runs 12 week rounds of lectures, looking at web journalism and the digital promotion of content.

  • Each student has a blog. They have to produce one post per week based on assignments. Feeds from their blogs are available on NetVibes, here.
  • An online programme will be launched early in the new year, making use of web tools such as SlideShare.net, which will enable lecturers to embed their audio narration over presentation slides.
  • A book on web journalism is in preparation, which they hope to publish it in few months.
  • Bilingual lectures are planned for the second half of 2009.

Grants from Global Voices Online’s Rising Voices and the Serbian Ministry of Culture are aiding the school’s development. Rising Voices rounds up some of the school’s work here, on its blog.