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Newspaper Society: Round-up of record web traffic for local media titles covering riots

The Newspaper Society today (11 August) published a series of figures for local media titles covering the recent riots across England. According to the NS, many news sites saw record traffic levels as the public swarmed to their local paper’s for the latest updates on the violence.

Some of the highest online statistics from the NS report are below:

  • The Liverpool Echo: Initial story on the riots recorded 850,000 page views. Said to be most-read story on the Trinity Mirror Regionals network. Live blog on Tuesday and Wednesday viewed by more than 85,000 people. Overall website recorded around 3 million page views and 400,000 unique users over the two days.
  • Express and Star: On Tuesday its website recorded 853,000 homepage views.
  • The Enfield Independent: Recorded 203,000 page views on site in 24 hours on Sunday.
  • The Nottingham Post: 120,000 unique users (also on Tuesday), said to be three times the normal level of traffic. Monday night’s lead report attracted 64,000 page views while picture gallery of aftermath received 120,000 page views.
  • This is Gloucestershire: Two picture galleries containing reader-submitted photos received more than 473,000 page views, as of 2pm Wednesday.
  • The Birmingham Mail: More than 100,000 unique users on Tuesday, with page views up more than 300 per cent on average levels.

Read the full statistics here…

ABCes: Independent.co.uk records biggest increase in daily browsers

The Audit Bureau of Circulations Electronic (ABCe) report for September was released yesterday, outlining the latest figures for unique visitors to the UK’s national newspaper websites.

The biggest month-on-month increase in average daily browsers was recorded by Independent.co.uk with 12.86 per cent, while guardian.co.uk saw the number of its browsers pass the two million mark with a 4.99 per cent increase.

The Mail Online again recorded the highest daily and monthly average browsers, increasing for the ninth month.

The full figures for the four audited titles and Mirror Group’s websites are listed below. The percentage in brackets indicates the month-on-month change compared with August’s ABCe report.

Mail Online
Average daily unique browsers: 2,670,371 (+4.62 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 46,910,754 (+3.01 per cent)

Average daily unique browsers: 2,038,493 (+4.99 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 35,975,755 (+2.88 per cent)

Average daily unique browsers: 1,669,773 (-0.68 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 32,007,189 (-1.05 per cent)

Mirror Group
Average daily unique browsers: 525,914 (+5.26 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 11,277,113 (+7.03 per cent)

Average daily unique browsers: 553,593 (+12.86 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 12,029,545 (+11.49 per cent)

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