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Nieman: ‘The real tablet revolution seems to be upon us’

Ken Doctor, Newsonomics author and regular news business writer for Nieman Journalism Lab, suggests that news reading may be on the rise thanks to predicted high sales of tablets over the next two years.

Ready to trade up? That’s the new question now moving to the forefront of news publishers’ longer-range strategic planning, as the real tablet revolution seems to be upon us …

With tablet sales projected to reach 70 million in the U.S. in 2011 and 2012 (50 million of them iPads), and with early survey results, such as the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s study, showing longer news session times, more-than-snippets-reading, and a renewal of lean-back, pleasurable longer-form reading, publishers have been edging into an age of news reading renewal.

Maybe, people do want to read news and watch news after all, and maybe branded news can find its mojo once again.

Although Doctor shows that digital consumption of news may increase with more people buying iPads and similar tablet technology, he stresses that this could impact dramatically on print sales.

The full post can be read here.

In a feature for Journalism.co.uk published today, Norwegian media blogger Kristine Lowe looks at the reasons behind declining magazine sales figures for tablets, and whether so-called ‘tablet journalism’ for magazines needs to be done differently.

Read the full feature at this link: Tablet journalism: does our newest format need a new approach?