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Oh the irony… were the Australian’s subs trying to tell us something?

Australian newspapers aren’t finding it as tough as many of their US and UK counterparts, John Hartigan, the chairman and chief executive of News Ltd, claimed in a speech on Wednesday. Roy Greenslade picked up on the Murdoch-owned Australian newspaper’s report that the nation’s print publications are ‘holding up well’.

But we feel he missed the best bit. As Crikey.com.au flagged up in its daily newsletter, there was something a little odd about a print headline in the paper on July 2 (helpfully highlighted here by Mumbrella.com.au – hat-tip @BlackAdder). This, courtesy of Crikey:


Also see Crikey’s comments on the speech / report here (registration required):

And links and commentary from Mumbrella here.

Oh, and you can ‘Marc the deth of newpapers with this stilish Crikey tee shiort. Avilable now fom the Crickley shop.’

Crikey.com: Significant meeting at News Limited’s HQ in Holt Street today

Crikey.com reports that a meeting at News Limited’s Australian headquarters in Holt Street was due to take place today (Friday) ‘at which the company‚Äôs most senior local lieutenants will talk about the coming year.’ Crikey writer, Margaret Simons, speculates that there could be “axings, redundancies and restructuring to allow for yet more redundancies are on the agenda.”

Full story at this link…