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Journal Local: Birmingham journalism students launch hyperlocal news agency

Three Birmingham City journalism students have created a hyperlocal news agency for their final year dissertation project.

Newswaves aims to provide content for hyperlocal blogs around the West Midlands and drive traffic in their direction by publishing links and excerpts.

Most people start Hyperlocal blogs purely because of their love of the area and run them as a hobby, meaning that they don’t always have the time or the means to cover all the stories they’d like to; that’s where the Newswaves team come in.

Full post on Journal Local at this link.

British and Spanish journalist kidnapping in Somalia – details still to be confirmed

Although reports with additional information are available online, exact details of the journalists kidnapped in Somalia remain unconfirmed. Articles that name the journalists have been removed from various news sites.

BBC yesterday reported:

“A British and Spanish journalist in Somalia have been kidnapped from the north-eastern Puntland region, local authorities say.

“Government officials said the pair were taken from their hotel in the port city of Bossasso.

“(…) the journalists were in Bossasso to cover the story of piracy hijackings off Puntland’s coast. He says the foreigners were abducted by gunmen along with two local reporters.

“‘The two foreigners are British and Spanish,’ Abdulkebir Musa, Puntland’s assistant minister for seaports, told news agency AFP.

“The office of Puntland’s president confirmed this information to the BBC.”

Journalism.co.uk will update when further reports are received from the relevant sources.

Press Gazette: Automated news will free up journalists, says agency report

Automated news – produced by machines for machines – is set to become an increasingly important part of the news agency’s arsenal, according to a report released by Thomson Reuters.

The news provider hopes the increase of such automated news, for financial information in particular, will free up journalists to write analysis of this info instead.