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‘Twitchhiking’ freelancer Paul Smith completes journey

Paul Smith, a freelance journalist who pledged to ‘Twitchhike’ the globe in 30 days, has completed his adventurous journey by reaching New Zealand.

The aim of the trip, during which Smith was only allowed to accept accommodation and travel help offered via Twitter, was to reach the furthest point – Campbell Island off the coast of NZ – from his starting location – Gateshead – to raise money for Charity:Water.

Lack of transport, poor telecommunications in New Zealand and – as a result – a smaller Twitter community thwarted Smith’s plans to reach the remote Campbell Island, he said in a blog post today.

“After two months of living and breathing this project, I’d reached my journey’s end. I wasn’t going to see Campbell Island, but it honestly didn’t matter anymore. The aim was to travel as far as I could from home as possible within 30 days, and by reaching Stewart Island I’d travelled to a place the majority of New Zealanders have never set foot on, never mind the rest of the world,” wrote Smith.

Congratulations to Paul – and a safe journey back to the UK – but perhaps this isn’t the end?

“The big question is: what happens next? I don’t feel like this is the end. I’m already mourning the loss of this project from my life. It now feels entirely natural to live out of a single messenger bag, to throw my belongings into the back seat of a strange car, to bed down wherever I’m offered charity.

“There’s something else there. I just don’t know what it is yet.”

News agencies suspend Australian cricket coverage over online coverage terms

Reuters, Associated Press (AP) and Agence France Presse (AFP) will not cover matches, training sessions and events for cricket in Australia, because of ‘unacceptable accreditation terms’ set out by Cricket Australia, the sport’s governing body in the country.

According to a release from Reuters:

“No text stories, photos or video of any of the training sessions, matches, press conferences or events will be distributed by the international news agencies to media around the world for the first test against New Zealand later this month, and potentially for the South Africa test coming up in December.”

Reuters partner Getty Images will provide images and ‘fulfil their commercial obligations only’ e.g. not providing any editorial of the matches.

Rights organisation the News Media Coalition said the agencies had been in discussions with Cricket Australia for months before rejecting the terms, which featured several restrictions relating to online coverage including:

  • Rules on how newspaper websites can be updated
  • Veto power for Cricket Australia over which websites and non-sports magazines the agencies are allowed to syndicate content to
  • Restrictions affecting the distribution of content to mobile news services

“As in previous instances, this decision [the accreditation terms] compromises our ability to report independently and objectively, and comes at the expense of global fans and sponsors,” said Christoph Pleitgen, global head of News Agency for Thomson Reuters, in the release.

“We would like to resume our timely, premium coverage as quickly as possible, pending a solution to the current situation. However, freedom of the press and protecting the news interests and coverage rights of our global clients are at the core of both our business and Reuters editorial principles, and these must be upheld.”

New Zealand Herald: Judge bans websites from naming men charged with murder

A New Zealand judge has banned a website from naming two men charged with murder – despite allowing the pair to be named by newspapers, radio stations and on television.

Judge David Harvey has raised concerns about the ‘viral effect of digital publication’ and the public searching for information online in the build up to the trial.