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‘Twinterview’ with @RuthBarnett – Sky News’ new Twitter correspondent

From 9.30am (GMT) @journalism_live will be interviewing @RuthBarnettTwitter correspondent for Sky News, about her new job. Follow the conversation here, and please drop in your own questions with the tag #SkyRB. After 30 minutes answering questions from @journalism_live she will answer the questions from the ‘audience’.

Update: and here’s how it went. The live updated stream has now been replaced by the conversation that took place (slight changes for ease of reading):

journalism_live: @ruthbarnett to be interviewed via Twitter and @journalism_live shortly…

RuthBarnett: #skyRB Hi I’m here and ready to go!

journalism_live: Morning @ruthbarnett! Thanks for finding time in your Twitter day. Followers – please tag yr Qs #SkyRB and she’ll take them after 30 mins

journalism_live: @ruthbarnett Firstly: You’re ‘really’ a Twitter correspondent for Sky News: is that the actual job title on the business card?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live I still have my old business cards which say multimedia producer! But it would be cool to get Twitter ones.

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett so what does yr day involve? You must do other stuff, as well as scan Twitter all day?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live Yup I look for stories, write things up for skynews.com, live tweet from events eg Google launch, do some TV

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett How did it get suggested? Was it your idea?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live Its really the brainchild of news ed @jongrip but it followed conversations we’d had about Twitter, new media etc

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett There’s been a lot of online attention about yr appt: do people ‘get’ what you’re doing?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live I think most people do. Its about being part of the conversation – listening and responding. Coverage was a shock!

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett yes, you’re enjoying Twitter fame! so, how’s the first week gone: what have you done?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live I’ve made my first two TV appearances, written stories for online, let followers give their views on stories + more

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett not bad! any really good scoops sourced via Twitter yet?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live We were v quick off the mark on the London fire and pix. Also people have been in touch about their real lives

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett Interesting – how does it shift dynamics of your relationship with users and viewers?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live eg this story today www.tinyurl.com/tillygeorge came from a tweet.

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live I hope it makes us easier to approach, you can give feedback to us v quickly, its a genuine interaction.

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett There’s so much noise on Twitter – are you able to filter out the bad stuff and find the gems?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live Yeah I hope so. And people are quick to let me know if they think I’ve missed something which is useful!

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett well we cd go on but we’ll open to the floor…. Any questions for the professional Twitterer?

journalism_live: @ruthbarnett maybe start with a Q from @1DimensionalMan: What do you think of the idea of a premium version of Twitter? Its impact?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live I thought that had been outed as a hoax this week? I may be wrong. I’m not sure it would work to be honest

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live It would change the way the community worked and perhaps people would move to another service? What do you think?

journalismnews: @ruthbarnett is now taking questions from the Twitter masses: what do you want to ask about Sky News use of Twitter?

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live @PoppyVix asked if I also look for stories as well as tweet. Yes – from breaking news to interesting quirky stories

hfitz: @journalism_live  What do you think of PR people using Twitter? Is it intrusive or do you encourage it?

RuthBarnett: @hfitz If they do it in an open way it can be useful. But people will unfollow if they just push their product, no?

NewspaperWorld: @ruthbarnett has there been an increase in readers accessing sky news since twitter?

RuthBarnett: @NewspaperWorld Too early for me to comment on that but I believe we are reaching out to new readers which is great.

Partois: @ruthbarnett Twitter still appears to be a North American fad. Can it really take off in Europe?

RuthBarnett: @Partois Its true many users seem to be from the US but anecdotally I think its really growing in the UK

makemusicnotwar: @ruthbarnett Some say you dnt need a “twitter correspondent”. Shouldn’t all skynews journos just use twitter to hunt for stories etc?

RuthBarnett: @makemusicnotwar Colleagues do! But useful to have one point of contact & give that person time to invest in it

RuthBarnett: Any more questions you’d like to ask? Thanks for all sent so far, interesting to hear what you’re curious about #skyRB

GoooRooo: @ruthbarnett if I @ you can you sort out my rubbish Sky customer service?

RuthBarnett: @GoooRooo Don’t think so I’m afraid. Surprised to hear that as I’ve always had a good experience and fast response

NewspaperWorld: @ruthbarnett could you further explain the benefits of having one twitter correspondent instead of many journalists on twit?

RuthBarnett: @NewspaperWorld Sure. Helps you know who to contact. Means we one person delve deeper, devote more time, + interact

NewspaperWorld: @ruthbarnett Thanks. What do you think of interviews on twitter? effective?

RuthBarnett: @NewspaperWorld Yes because its quick and simple and reaches more people. It’s been an interesting experience.

makemusicnotwar: @RuthBarnett Has having a journo devoted to twitter paid off? Hav u found stories, involved users & done things your colleagues cudnt?

RuthBarnett: @makemusicnotwar Yes I hope so. But I’m only five days in! Will always listen to how I can do better.

makemusicnotwar: @RuthBarnett Thanks. It’s been very interesting to hear from you. I will be following your progress with great interest.

RuthBarnett: @journalism_live Thanks Jude at Journalism.co.uk for hosting today.

journalism_live: @RuthBarnett our pleasure! Thanks for your time. Happy Tweeting and speak again soon…

SoE08: Younger voices at the Society of Editors conference

It made a nice change to hear from some multimedia journalists working at the frontline of the industry in the training session at the Society of Editors (SoE) conference today.

Ruth Barnett, a multimedia producer for Sky News, described how the industry had changed between starting her journalism training in 2005 and graduating a year later.

“I’ve been able to adapt to working in a multimedia, multi-platform way because this is precisely how I consume news myself,” she explained.

“I understand that not everyone in a newsroom can work in this way – I need experience of other journalists in the newsroom.”

Fellow panellist and multimedia reporter with the Western Morning News, Jane Omara, was initially trained as a web journalist and has been given training by her employer in more traditional skills such as media law and shorthand.

She explained to Journalism.co.uk that there was still ‘room for maneouvre’ for trainees when it came to learning new digital skills: