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WikiLeaks announces new release of nearly three million documents

WikiLeaks has indicated that it is preparing a new release of documents seven times the size of the Iraq war logs release, equal to around 2,800,000 documents.

In posts made on its Twitter account the whistleblower made appeals for donations to help support it as it prepares the new release, adding “the coming months will see a new world, where global history is redefined.”

Last month WikiLeaks released almost 400,000 military documents in relation to the war in Iraq to media outlets across the world, in what WikiLeaks claimed to be the biggest leak of military documents so far.

Imminent WikiLeaks Iraq cache ‘biggest leak ever’, report suggests

More classified military documents are to be released in the coming weeks by WikiLeaks, this time on the war in Iraq, according to national reports over the weekend, such as this one from the Associated Press.

News began to circulate on Friday that the whistleblowing site was planning another release following comments made by Bureau of Investigative Journalism editor Iain Overton in Newsweek, claiming the cache will be “biggest leak of military intelligence” so far.

In its article, Newsweek reports that the collection of Iraq documents held by WikiLeaks is believed to be about three times as large as the number of reports released in July on Afghanistan.

More than 92,000 documents were released to WikiLeaks’ media partners earlier this year relating to military operations in Afghanistan, around 76,000 of which have so far been published by the WikiLeaks online while the remaining 15,000 were held back to undergo ‘harm minimisation review’.