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Independent and USA Today launch headline apps

The Independent and USA Today have both launched new tools for accessing news headlines. The Indy’s Newzdog widget and Newsdeck both aim to alert users about daily headlines.

Independent.co.uk's NewzdogThe Independent’s version is a downloadable widget that notifies you of the latest news headlines relevant to the topics of interest that you specify. The widget can be minimised to a yellow star on the system tray and when there is a news story of importance to you the star turns red.

Jimmy Leach, editorial director for digital at the Independent said in a statement on Independent.co.uk: “This is a great way for users to make sure they know what’s going on in their areas of interest. Users often have topics they want or need to be kept in the loop about quickly, so this will be an excellent way of them creating their own mini-news service.”

USA Today's NewsdeckMoving on to USAToday’s Newsdeck – the site collects headlines from the paper’s website and organises these into up to eight different subject areas, such as life, travel etc, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Each of the sections allows you to scroll down to see more, which links to the full story.

There is also an option to switch between the top stories and the most popular stories.

Independent launches iGoogle widget

A ‘new toy’ (the words of editorial director for digital Jimmy Leach) from the Independent – an iGoogle widget that displays the title’s latest news, business and sports headlines.

The widget allows you to customise your iGoogle homepage – other news widgets from the BBC and CNN, for example, are already available.

“We’ve worked closely with Google to put this together and it will be a fantastically useful source of news and opinion for Google users now and in the future,” said Leach on Independent.co.uk.