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Zinio and Rolling Stone launch first iTunes-integrated iPad app

Zinio, a leading digital publishing company, has teamed up with Rolling Stone magazine to offer iPad an iTunes-integrated feature.

For Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Songs Of All Time’ issue, users of the Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader App on their iPads will be able to listen to samples and buy the tracks on iTunes through the application as they read about them in the magazine.

Rolling Stone executive editor Jason Fine said: These are all the songs you need to have on your iPad. With Zinio, you can listen to the songs while you read, giving our audience an exciting way to experience the list.”

The interactive edition will be available on other platforms, and can be sampled on your PC here.

MediaShift: How will an ‘iTunes for magazines’ work?

MediaShift looks at how a digital store or an “iTunes for magazines” announced in December might work and make use of Apple’s much-anticipated Tablet touch-screen computer.

The digital magazine project will be led by Time Inc, Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith and News Corporation, but details of what it will offer and how it will work are scant.

This piece takes a look at what’s known about the project, how the business model might work and what it means for the print magazine industry.

Full story at this link…