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Daily Finance: Atlantic Media announces it will pay all interns

Many industries exploit students and young jobseekers through the dubious practice of unpaid interning, but the media industry, where competition for a foot in the door is fierce, is likely among the worst.

However, Atlantic Media, which publishes The Atlantic and The National Journal, has announced it will begin to pay all its previously unpaid interns. Apparently the decision followed an article in last week’s New York Times, ‘The Unpaid Intern, Legal or Not’.

Yesterday, we decided to pay, retroactively, both last year’s interns and our current class. We convened our current interns this morning to tell them the news. Some messages are easier to deliver than others. Telling them they would be paid was on the easier side.

Full story at this link…

Internships available in environmental journalism

A new media company is teaming up with one of the UK’s largest magazines to create a green and ethical supplement and needs two interns to help them inform people on ethical issues and green living. Details are on a need to know basis at the moment, but there’s a very big name editor lined up to work on the project.

One of the interns must be a ‘star of the future’ for environmental journalism and could become the supplement’s editor in time. Their role will be to help with content for the website and editorial planning for the magazine, as well as writing advertorials.

The second intern will be a Green Press person and should also have an interest in music PR. They will be working with a green record company and with Britain’s greenest festival.

To apply or for more details email: alex.lockwood@sunderland.ac.uk or contact him on Twitter @alexlockwood.