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Pakistan tops another 2011 journalist death toll

Google Maps image of Pakistan

Pakistan has topped another 2011 list of countries ranked by the number of journalist killings, this one recorded by the International Federation of Journalists.

It follows being named the “deadliest country for journalists” in 2011 by the Committee to Protect Journalists in its December report.

The latest toll reported a total of 106 journalist and media worker deaths worldwide last year, in what the IFJ called “another bloody year for media”.

The organisation has written to the secretary general of the UN calling “for effective implementation of international legal instruments to combat the prevailing culture of impunity for crimes against journalists”.

The IFJ report found a total of 11 deaths in Pakistan, the same figure was also reported for Iraq and Mexico.

Maguindanao massacre anniversary: tracking the Global Day of Action

Using Storify we hope to track today’s Global Day of Action, organised by the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines to mark the one-year anniversary of the “Maguindanao massacre”, when 32 media workers and at least 25 others were killed.

We’ll try to update this collection of resources and posts over the course of the day as events unfold.

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IFJ / NUJ call for release of detained British journalist in Gaza

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) are calling for the Gaza authorities to release British freelance journalist, Paul Martin.

The arrest and detention yesterday [Monday] of documentary filmmaker Paul Martin came as he was about to give evidence at a military tribunal. His detention was a “shocking violation of journalists’ rights” according to the IFJ, who demanded his immediate released.

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European Federation of Journalists says Berlusconi ‘putting press freedom to the sword with legal vendetta against media’

Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi ‘has stepped over a line by trying to stifle embarrassing but legitimate journalism at both home and abroad,’ the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the regional group of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), has said in a statement:

“On 28 August, Mr. Berlusconi sued the daily La Repubblica simply for having publicly asked him ten questions. At the same time, the daily Il Giornale owned by the Berlusconi family is attacking the catholic paper Avvenire. Moreover, Mr. Berlusconi is suing French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur, and reports say his lawyers are looking into the possibility to sue British papers – including the ones owned by his former ‘friend’ Rupert Murdoch.”

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IFJ: 39 journalists and media workers forced to leave Iranian news agency

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) this week issued a statement voicing ‘deep concern over continuing harassment of media in Iran amid signs of growing opposition from independent journalists to censorship and manipulation in the country’s mainstream media.’

The organisation reports that, according to its affiliate, the Association of Iranian Journalists (AoIJ),  the ‘conservative’ Iranian news agency, Fars News, has sacked or forced resignations of 39 journalists and media workers: ‘a number of them in recent weeks following clashes with management over the agency’s editorial line.’

“There is evidence of strong pressure on independent journalism from outside and inside the newsroom. Even some media owners inside the profession are bullying their journalists who refuse to toe the official line. Journalists are arrested, sacked or forced to resign for standing up for ethical journalism,” said Aidan White, IFJ general secretary, in the IFJ statement.

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The IFJ’s new Ethical Journalism Initiative

It’s here, the International Federation of Journalists’ new ‘Ethical Journalism Initiative’ website:

‘a new campaign to rekindle old values in media worldwide launched by the International Federation of Journalists. The future of media is the hot topic everywhere, particularly as journalists and others wrestle with the rapid changes in the way journalism works’.

It has relevant news alerts, projects and seminars listed, campaigns, ‘key texts’ and ‘useful links’ sections.

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