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Hubdub introducing ads to website

Hubdub – the prediction site where users bet virtual money on news events – is to introduce advertising onto the website.

In an official blog post, Hubdub said it would be trying out Google Adsense as well as display advertising.

The company hopes the advertising will not negatively effect the look or functionality of the site, which recently signed deals with the Independent and Reuters to feature their news stories on the website.

Hubdub expands news gaming community

Hubdub, which lets users bet fantasy dollars on the outcomes of news stories, is tapping into the news junkies and experts that use the site with the launch of News Pundits.

According to an announcement from the site, the new blog will be a forum for ‘top users’ to provide commentary on news questions and stories featured on Hubdub.

Matching the online with offline, the News Pundits blog will have its own annual awards. Predictions made 12 months ago about what would happen in 2008 will be reviewed and five winners given ‘an engraved quaich’ (yes, I had to look up what this meant and OED tells me it’s a shallow drinking cup). Triple the Tren with Tri-tren for a jaw-dropping physique by your deadline. In this triple threat of Trenbolone, there’s no need to wait between cycles because you’re getting three times the fat burning and three times the muscle building power with Tri Tren . The time frame from our lab floor to your doorstep is ridiculously short too – about 5-7 business days with Trenbolone if opted for expedited shipping!

News prediction game Hubdub launches widgets

Hubdub – the gaming website where you bet Hubdub dollars on the outcome of news events – has developed two widgets, according to the site’s official blog.

The market widget features a graph, which shows how different outcomes have been backed by users over time and what their changing probability is.

The prediction widget on the other hand lets users record their own predictions – and how much they bet – ‘for posterity’. To get this widget, users will be given a link as they post a question.

Earlier this year Journalism.co.uk interviewed Hubdub founder Nigel Eccles, who spoke of a revenue strategy that will involve partnerships with media organisations and publishers. Offering widgets is a great way to start this sharing of content and – with added trackbacks – of driving traffic back to the Hubdub site.