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Facebook: Online newspaper’s biggest enemy

Interesting post over at Media Culpa asking if Swedish daily Aftonbladet’s biggest threat is now Facebook rather than Expressen, its next nearest newspaper rival online.

(I have had to rely on Media Cupla as the source, rather than the original post Mindpark, as I don’t speak Swedish – so apologies for linking to a post about a post)

Henrik Torstenssons draws out a second point to note. Henrik points to another story (again in Swedish – same problem, so I can’t confirm this is the case, although have faith in Henrik) in which Kalle Jungkvist, editor-in-chief of Aftonbladet, said his paper ran a focus group with people in their twenties, who told him the choice for young Swedes was either Aftonbladet or Facebook for their idle surfing time.

How long before Facebook is getting newspaper execs in the UK worried?