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Portfolio.com: The Reader’s Digest Index

Taking inspiration from the Harper’s Magazine signature feature, Portfolio.com has produced the Reader’s Digest Index, following yesterday’s news that the US magazine is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Here are a few of the most pertinent Reader’s Digest facts, as reported by Portfolio:

  • Current debt: $1.6 billion.
  • Amount of interest payment owed today: $27 million.
  • Number of US employees let go in 2009: 300.
  • Chapter by which its parent company is filing to protect itself: 11.
  • Percentage it hopes to reduce its debt: 75.

Full ‘index’ at this link…

Tom Walker Trust opens foreign reporting prize

The Tom Walker Trust has a great opportunity to journalism students looking to break into foreign affairs.

The Trust, which was founded in honour of the former Times journalist, is offering a £1,000 prize and four weeks of work experience on the Sunday Times’ foreign desk as part of a new award.

Entrants are asked to submit their idea for a foreign news story for the chance to work with a senior correspondent and complete their assignment.

The deadline is July 1 and the winner will be announced later in the month.

To enter, please send an email to Val.Harper [at] sunday-times.co.uk and attach your CV with your entry.

(via University of Sunderland’s Journalism and Public Relations blog)

ReadWriteWeb: Harper’s Index goes online

From the ReadWriteWeb (via Martin Stabe) “Harper’s Index, the most thought provoking fun you’ll find on one printed page, is turning 25 years old.”

Harper’s Magazine, launched in 1850 and the Index ‘is the first page that many readers skip to in each issue’, according the RWW.

“To celebrate the Index’s anniversary, Harper’s has put the full index of biting trivia one-liners up on its website for searching and reposting on Twitter.”

And you can follow Harper’s on Twitter too, they’re @harpers.

Full post at this link…