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Digital Editors on Twitter – step two

Last week we started a blog post listing all the digital editors (e.g. journalists working primarily on online or web projects) we could find on Twitter. There’s still plenty of room, so leave a comment or dm @journalismnews if you want to be listed.

The intention behind this list wasn’t for it just to remain static, but to be a group for networking and problem-solving, across industry sectors/titles, but between journalists working in the same space and facing the same challenges.

Enter GroupTweet – a way for the group to ask questions of the network, offer help, share expertise.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Digital Editors on Twitter list now has its own Twitter account (@digitaleditors);
  • If you’re on the list, follow @digitaleditors;
  • It will follow you back;
  • Then using GroupTweet, whenever you send a direct message to @digitaleditors it will be republished as an update on that account;
  • Anyone following will be able to see it and hopefully respond.

This is very much opt-in, so if you’re on the list I urge you to follow the group account, but if you don’t want to or want to stop at any time, you can stop following. Simple eh?

Am protecting @digitaleditors’ updates at the moment so the group has some privacy, but again, this is up for debate.

Happy networking!