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Gawker.com: Huffington has allowed citizen journalism project to ‘stagnate’

Gawker.com makes a dig at HuffingtonPost’s recruitment method. It says that ‘Off the Bus’ HuffingtonPost’s much lauded citizen journalism project (with 12,000 citizen journalists recruited), has been allowed to ‘stagnate’, and will be now handed over to founder Arianna Huffington’s godson, Matthew Palvesky, and to former Off the Bus intern, Gabriel Beltrone, according to an internal e-mail, re-published by the gossip site. Full story…

Managing editor wanted for Gawker

This isn’t where we normally flag up job listings (for full job listings visit this part of the site) but this is an interesting one – since it was posted on September 2, the advert has received 6,722 views, and 150 comments. Manhattan media news and gossip site, Gawker.com, is inviting applications for the post of managing editor.

The incumbent, Nick Denton, says that he needs to get back to his ‘other job’, so is calling for a permanent replacement to join the team.

While admitting he’s never watched an episode of the Hills, he does say it’s mandatory to be ‘plugged into both society gossip and mass culture’. Follow the link here for full details.