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How news sites can apply to be included in Google News Editors’ Picks

Google News UK has had a makeover. The site today (Friday, 30 September) launched a new Editors’ Picks feature, enabling publishers to highlight content within Google News; and several new features, including increased personalisation of the site.

Editors’ Picks is a new section of the Google News homepage, displaying original content that publishers have selected as highlights from their publications.

Google told Journalism.co.uk that publishers can select long-form investigative features, photo slideshows, interactive maps, charts or other content to engage readers of online news.

The Telegraph, the Guardian, BBC News, Channel 4 News, Metro, the Daily Mirror, and the Independent already have content available, and the product is available for publishers at this link, (which Journalism.co.uk has today used to apply to be included in Editors’ Picks).

Users can use the slider feature to increase or decrease the amount of news they receive from a particular outlet.


In a release, Madhav Chinnappa, Google’s head of news partnerships in Europe said:

We’ve been working with partners for some time now to create innovative new ways for them to engage readers of news online. Editors’ Picks gives publishers a place to bring together the best of traditional and digital journalism; promoting long-form stories and experimenting with new formats.


Hitwise: Google News dominated by celebrity search

Searches for celebrity or entertainment topics accounted for the largest proportion of Google News searches over the last 12 weeks (based on an analysis of the top 300 generic search terms sending traffic to the site), according to Hitwise.

The search term ‘jade goody’ accounted for 2.6 per cent of the UK’s site traffic.

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