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lostremote: Newspaper pulls viral ‘homeless voice’ clip from YouTube

The latest online viral video of Ted Williams – the homeless man with the ‘golden voice’ – has been pulled from YouTube today “due to a copyright claim by The Dispatch”.

However, as lostremote.com comments, the original Dispatch-filmed video may not have received such attention had it not reached YouTube:

What’s fascinating about this story is the role YouTube played in making this story viral in the first place. Nearly all of the social media links pointed to the YouTube clip, not to Dispatch.com, and YouTube’s own social community helped amplify the volume. While the content was compelling, the social distribution made it explode. Without it, we wonder if Ted Williams would still be roaming the roadside.

Today Ted Williams was re-united with his 90 year-old mother, The Dispatch reports.

Watch the original video on The Dispatch here.

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