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#media140 – Top tips on managing your online identity

The final session of media140 looked at building an online identity.

Throughout the session plenty of useful tips and pieces of advice were imparted by the speakers – Ricard Espelt, co-founder of redall.cat and Gemma Urgell, journalist, blogger and consultant for redall.cat – and delegates alike. Here’s a collection of some of the thoughts shared:

  • Ask yourself who you are and how you are going to be seen, and want to be seen.
  • Have a good attitude, it is not only what we do ourselves it is what we say and what everyone else says about us.
  • You can control what you say, you can’t control what other people say, so you have to take that into account.
  • Should be transparent, need to be unique, you can adapt your own identity.
  • Be conscious about what you use it for, you have to remember it will still be there tomorrow.
  • We make mistakes and we learn from them on the net. If you see someone else make a mistake on the net you should learn from that too.
  • Main attitudes– transparency, common sense, share your knowledge, be humble, be constant/current, be updated.
  • If you have a specialism – use it to find your own community.
  • Use lists on Twitter to find and follow sources.
  • Broadcast journalists – use online platforms to offer extensions to short broadcasted news snippets, add depth.

But there were a couple of points of disagreement, too, such as audience statistics.

While some encouraged the use of analytics and audience statistics, others felt a better representation of audience feedback is in the comments left behind and the focus should be on quality of content, rather than quantity to increase statistics.

If you have anymore to add please do so using the comments below.