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TechCrunch: Fwix launches new location-based search portal

A new search portal has been launched by hyperlocal news site Fwix allowing users to access real time, map-based view of what’s going on in a specific location.

Fwix Local Trend Search provides news, events information, government data and business reviews, as well as Fourquare and Gowalla check-ins, on a map of a given area. Users can alter the sphere of their chosen location to access coverage from a large or more localised area.

Darian Shirazi, CEO and founder of Fwix, explained to TechCrunch how the site determines an article’s location:

Fwix’s proprietary technology analyzes and indexes nearly 40 million pieces of content to determine and scan for any reference to location within the text of a document.

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TechCrunch: Local news aggregator Fwix goes hyperlocal

In October, we reported on the launch of Fwix, a local newswire service aggregating online sources, in eight UK cities.

Fwix is now expanding its aggregation to cover hyperlocal sources of news, as TechCrunch explains:

[C]ontent on Fwix will display relationships between both topics and nearby location. For example, after reading a story about a robbery that took place in the Mission district of San Francisco, you’ll be able to find any other crime and or stories about the Mission neighborhood.

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