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FT.com: France Telecom interested in Le Monde’s digital operations

The SFN blog has a quick round-up on the latest in the consortia fight for the French newspaper, Le Monde:

The two potential buyers are France Telecom subsidiary Orange, as well as a consortium led by Pierre Berge, ex-partner of late fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent, AFP reported. The paper said earlier that it needs as much as €100 million to pay off debts and survive in the tough times.

And this snippet from FT indicates where France Telecom sees Le Monde’s potential:

[F]rance Telecom has stressed that its interest in Le Monde lies in the title’s digital operations and synergies between its website and those of Le Nouvel Obs and Prisa, which owns El Pais, the Spanish daily.

Full FT.com article at this link (registration required)