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New Media Knowledge: The UK blogosphere and making money from blogging

New Media Knowledge interviews Thomas Vollrath, managing director of domain name registry site 123-reg, for his thoughts on the state of the UK blogosphere and whether there’s money to be made in them there blogs.

Vollrath outlines the differences between running a not-for-profit blog and a design for a ‘sustainable monetised blog’, in particular the importance of content, ownership, not over-advertising, finding a niche and navigation.

The recent end of Shiny Media’s blog network merely underlines the difficulty of making money from blogs, he says.

“What I would say is that blogging isn’t going away any time soon. There still aren’t many other ways to publish short to medium-length articles easily and quickly. Lots of individuals and businesses have proved blogs are useful – whether they’re looking to make money from them or not,” he adds.

Full interview at this link…