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paidContent.org: Daylife working with digital publications

In the past few weeks news aggregator startup Daylife has started to work with digital publications, according to a report by paidContent.org, with new projects at Mashable and text message platform ChaCha launched yesterday.

According to paidContent.org Daylife will set up a topic library for Mashable to help organise its past stories and is also working on ‘visuals enhancement’ with ChaCha.

While Mashable didn’t need any lessons in news distribution, it did need help organising the amount of stories it’s accumulated since launching five years ago. Daylife set up a topic library to help better organise its coverage. The Daylife API gathers everything in real-time and integrates with Mashable’s existing advertising network…

In ChaCha’s case, Daylife is helping to give the site’s visuals greater enhancement. The additional photo choices come from Daylife’s year-old collaboration with Getty Images. The deal with Daylife follows ChaCha’s huge $20 million funding last week, as it looks to dominate the burgeoning mobile search market.