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Guardian: Three decades of Steve Bell

Steve Bell has been drawing cartoons for the Guardian for an impressive 30 years this year.

I interviewed him at his home last year for a feature and it was amazing to hear him talk about the days of having artwork sent between Brighton, Manchester and London by train and taxi, and hail the fax machine as a model marvel.

As the Cartoon Museum in London celebrates three decades of Bell’s work with a retrospective, he writes and talks on video for the Guardian about about his rise to prominence as one of the country’s leading newspaper cartoonists.

See the full piece on Guardian.co.uk at this link.

WikiLeaks satire takes first prize at cartoon awards

A cartoon satirizing the 2010 WikiLeak’s story has been named the winner of the World Press Cartoon awards.

WikiLeaks and Uncle Sam, created by Australian artist David Rowe, was awarded Grand Prix at the 7th edition of the awards.

As well as being named overall winner, Rowe’s work took first place in the Cartoon Editorial category. In the same category, Polish Pawel Kuczynski came second with ‘Made in China’ and Alecus, a Mexican cartoonist living in El Salvador, took 3rd prize with ‘Chilean Miners’.

See the full image at this link.

The New Yorker: A cartoon IQ test

Something for a Friday – the New Yorker deconstructs its cartoons:

On occasion, we publish a cartoon so ahead of its time that it boggles the mind, making us reconsider the very essence of comedy itself.”

So take the cartoon IQ test and see if you can decipher the correct meaning or ‘just sigh, give up and check the answers’.

(via MediaGuardian)

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