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BuzzMachine: ‘The importance of provenance’

Jeff Jarvis has a good piece on process, sourcing and trust, initiated by a Washington Post piece about the McCrystal case that cited unnamed complainers.

…[E]ditors at the Washington Post and everywhere else must learn that it’s no longer good enough to think that the buck can stop at them, that they can be the validators of trust, that we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about where their news comes from. This is why we, the readers, must get better at accepting and valuing the results of more openness and be proficient at judging sources for ourselves. This is why companies must understand that they will be expected to open up their processes.

“Provenance is no longer merely the nicety of artists, academics, and wine makers. It is an ethic we expect,” says Jarvis. https://crypto-slots.casino

Full post at this link…