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Owni.fr: The creation-orientated newsroom

Owni.fr, a French language media site, has begun translating some of its posts. This article, by Benoît Raphaël, editor in chief at Le Post, explores what a “Google Newsroom” or “creation-oriented” might look like:

Your 80 journalists are gathered into ten business units, ie in thematic clusters. Just as an independent media (which could be branded in another way) managed (or not) by a cluster manager, around which you can gather eight journalists, bloggers, a community + one marketing + one sales officer (they can work on multiple clusters). Each cluster can also have its copy editor and its associated community manager. (One can also imagine three large clusters of 16 journalists and three clusters of ten journalists etc.).

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#Outlook2010: LePost.fr – horizontal, not vertical, news

Last week Journalism.co.uk attended the INMA and Online Publishers Association (OPA) Europe’s annual conference Outlook 2010 – the event focused on innovation, transformation and making money for media businesses. Follow our coverage at this link.

Two years since its launch user-generated site LePost.fr – launched by Le Monde – attracts 2.5 million unique users a month (not a lot less than Le Monde’s online efforts at 3.5 million).

A team of six specialised journalists, two editors, one videojournalist and one investigative journalist are responsible for producing around 10 per cent of the site’s content – the rest is down to the users, who produce around 500 posts a day. It’s an integration of professional and amateur news – with teams of amateurs ‘coached’ by professionals, says the team.

More from LePost on how the site operates in the audio below:

“Our idea was to put a newsroom at the most dynamic part of the web (…) social media,” the site’s editor-in-chief, Benoit Raphael, says.

“We believe that people are no longer satisfied with vertical news. Traditional journalists choose and produce stories and deliver them to readers. In a networked media like LePost we let people co-choose and co-produce stories.”

Raphael says LePost produces ‘horizontal news’ – news to be shared, commented upon and added to.

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