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Bangladesh media concerned over law to prevent yellow journalism

Bangladesh media have raised concerns over Information Minister Abdul Kalam Azad’s announcement that the government plans to introduce new law to target “yellow journalism”.

Azad is reported to have said “newspapers and television and radio channels that are making false and misleading news to tarnish the image of ministers, lawmakers, the government and the country are in fact doing yellow journalism”.

In an editorial post on Dhaka’s Daily Star website, the author writes that the proposals, such as editors having to hold 15 years experience in journalism, will be “no guarantee that bad journalism will not be there.”

We are convinced that a new law for newspapers is a bad idea. It is fraught with danger and it threatens to put unfettered press freedom in jeopardy. We ask the government to jettison the entire idea in the larger interest of press freedom and by extension intellectual freedom in Bangladesh. We suggest that it utilize the existing mechanisms to ensure objective journalism in the country, especially the Press Council.

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The Daily Star: Bangladeshi bill would stop journalist harassment

Bangladesh’s parliament will scrutinise a bill proposed by Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shafique Ahmed that would prevent courts from issuing arrest warrants against editors, publishers, reporters or writers in defamation cases.

The proposed bill would overhaul the existing Code of Criminal Procedure, 1989, in the country, and allow courts to issue summons rather than arrest warrants.

A report on the bill is expected in two weeks.

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Opportunity for business journalists to visit Bangladesh

A global consultancy firm is offering the opportunity for senior business journalists and editors to travel to Dhaka to advise Bangladeshi business journalists.

Tahmina Shafique from BMB Mott MacDonald told Journalism.co.uk that they “would essentially want these experts to share their expertise and also provide input to our plan of improving the business sections.”

IFC BICF, who are working with BMB Mott MacDonald, will cover the costs of airfare and accommodation. The workshops and discussion sessions will be tailored to the expertise of the visiting journalists.

The event is part of the ‘Stakeholders Engagement Program’, which aims ‘to build government and non-government stakeholder awareness and advocacy capacity on investment climate issues and the need for reforms for sustainable private sector development in Bangladesh.’

The firms are working with the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce (DCCI) to host a series of events from October 30 – November 3 with the goal of making the country ‘a solid investment location, and establish partnering possibilities with local and foreign investors.’

Business journalists who are interested in the opportunity and would like more information should contact Tahmina Shafique as soon as possible, by emailing tahmina at mottmacbd dot com.