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Bad Science: Ben Goldacre on scientists and the media

Ben Goldacre links to his interview for the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 – ‘talking about dumbing down science’. He joins Kathy Sykes, who has just written a piece in New Scientist on the topic, to discuss scientists and their participation in the media.

Full post at this link…

Bad titles? Ben Goldacre surprised at new idea for the Times

Dr Ben Goldacre reports that the Times has launched a new feature called… ‘Bad Statistics’. It asks readers: ‘Send your bad statistics to badstats@thetimes.co.uk’.

Déjà vu?

‘Rip off’ one commenter writes below the first piece. Ben Goldacre of the Guardian’s ‘Bad Science’ column, despite heading his blog post ‘Rather brilliantly I have been plagiarised by the Times’, seems philosophical:

“Good for the cause though. And the bloke who writes it used to comment here.  I hope it, er, gets better.”